A Deceptive Hill

See this hill? There is an side-on view and an end-on view. It looks like a hog-back ridge.             A hog back ridge is caused […]

A Much Traveled Watch

Some years ago my mother gave me a watch, describing it as ‘Aunt Hettie’s watch’. I was pretty vague as to who ‘Aunt Hettie’ was and why my mother had […]

Anyone who has read any of my fiction will not be surprised to learn I like clambering over old ruins and finding out about how ancient cultures lived and thought. […]

Another Clever Dog

I posted a while ago about a clever dog. Yesterday I came across another one. We had been for a walk and were nearly home. Bear in mind this is […]

A pattern seems to be emerging: There is an incident usually involving a gun or explosives. Multiple people die. There are reports of several people involved and a suggestion that […]


I posted this picture a while ago and several people asked about the cutting frame. So this is about how to build one of your own. First, though, some tips […]

Lambkin and Curious

Today one of the sheep did something new. Well, I had not see it before anyway. I have said elsewhere that Curious is the smartest of the four of them. […]

The word ‘Samaritan’ has drifted in meaning a bit since Jesus told the story of the Good Samaritan. We have charitable groups such as ‘The Samaritans” who run a suicide […]


In our house we really like our coffee. It doesn’t mean we drink it all day, the limit it 4 cups a day, usually three, and just sometimes less if […]